I was a bit skeptical about paying a finder fee for my job search, but I felt I had nothing to lose, especially in my trial period. Really, $2.95 is nothing for getting quality resumes prepared and having someone else do the work of searching and then submitting my applications online for me. I was also impressed with the idea that if I wasn’t happy with the results, then the initial fee would go to a good cause and not into the company’s pocket. I have now been using the service for a little over two weeks and so far, I have had several responses to my applications and I am scheduled for my first interview in months, next week. I have had the time to really prepare myself for my interviews and being for the first time a contributing member of society. I am hopeful that the outcome will be positive. The customer service and the one on one attention to my needs have been nothing short of professional and responsive. Even the $39.95 fee has been well worth the investment and if I do not secure this position or if I decide the company is not a good match for me, I have complete confidence that there I will be opportunities that will suit my ethics, enthusiasm, and goals not too far in my future. As the late Steve Jobs said, “Do what you love.”