I am amazed at the amount of quality service I have received with jobmonitor24.com. From the beginning they were there for me and understood my needs. I came to them frustrated with the lack of response and the lack of help on regular job search sites. Sure there you can upload a resumeā€¦.just like everyone else, you can search open positionsā€¦.just like everyone else, but this has never worked for me. I never accomplished anything from searching for hours, making lists of potential jobs, writing and submitting applications, and without support. I am flabbergasted at myself for making that avenue my first plan of action in the first place. The service teams at jobmonitor24.com really are dedicated to helping you find not just a job, but a career. I have only been unemployed for a short period of time, but long enough to be tired of the endless hours of searching for a job. I am still in the trial period and I can say, I am sold. The service and removal of the amount of stress has been enough for me to stay dedicated to myself in my search for a new job. I have no intention of settling for the first job that comes along and I am in it for the long haul. I have had over 400 job submissions in this week alone and I have been contacted by 5 employers wanting to schedule interviews. I know with this kind of result for $2.95, that by going the extra mile, continuing my membership and giving it more time, I will interview for at least 20 jobs in the next month and I will have the upper hand in choosing the best position for me and with the right company. Thank you jobmonitor24.com for giving the power back to me! I will recommend your services to all that come to me about their unemployment woes!